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Winter is the Season for Home Improvement


There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes us want to start fresh, start over, start…something. Unfortunately, most of us are too worn out from the holiday season or the winter weather to do anything about it. By the time we’re ready to take action, it’s spring again and we have a brand new set of tasks on our to-do list.


This year can be different. Resolve to start something before the winter melts away and spring beckons you into yard and garden. When winter weather keeps you housebound is the perfect time for home improvement projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started.




While clutter knows no season, as long as you’re avoiding the frigid temperatures outside, you might as well make good use of your time inside.  It’s a golden opportunity to sort through all the photographs that have been stuffed into boxes and organize them into albums. If you’ve considered starting a scrapbook, give it a shot. Memory Magic has plenty of inspiration on display and all the supplies you’ll need to get your memories in order.




Houses require upkeep. It’s an inescapable fact. If you tackle some of those inevitable maintenance projects this winter, you’ll have more time to enjoy your summer. And you don’t have to go it alone. Give 3-D Plumbing and Handyman a call and let Doug handle your repair wish list. Of course, if completing that list would require several 24-hour days, you might want to prioritize it. Then do what you can on your own and hire out the rest.




Once all the Christmas ornaments have been packed away for another year and you’ve returned decorative items to their usual places, you might decide that you’re tired of last year’s décor. So start shopping, both online and offline, and get some ideas about the new look you might want to adopt. Creative Thoughtshas many beautiful items on display in their Pawnee City and Humboldt stores that are sure to inspire you. And if you’re not ready to completely throw out the old, a few well chosen pieces can quickly liven up a dull room.




We tend to think of spring as the time to remodel, perhaps because many renovation projects involve work that must be done in warmer weather. But there are a number of interior projects that can be tackled in the winter, such as installing new kitchen counters and cabinets, adding a closet to your bedroom, updating your bathroom with new fixtures, or converting that unused guest room into a home office.




After all this work, you’ll probably be ready for some down time. Settling in to watch a movie on your new HDTV system will let you catch your breath. What? You didn’t get an HDTV for Christmas? You can fix that oversight by visiting Bob’s Electronics. He’ll set you up for years of entertainment bliss.


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